"Feeling quite experienced as I prepared for my fifth home birth, I decided to work with Audrey Jessup the last minute, originally thinking I might not even need a doula.  Little did I know that Audrey would be an instrumental necessity in helping me during the birth. 

Audrey is a responsible, caring, and non-judgmental person.  I appreciated her professional manner as she followed up and was on time with every phone call, email, and appointment.    She is a good listener and respectful of the needs and desires I had for the birth.  I could tell she was invested in providing a good experience for all of us.  Her training came through very well – she introduced me to many labor support techniques that I hadn’t used at my previous births which were crucial for managing the pain.  Most importantly, her encouragement assisted me through the tough parts; she continually gave me supportive reminders that I could do it.  I am very grateful I found Audrey and I can’t thank her enough." 

- Patricia, birth client, East NY


"Audrey has been an invaluable member of our postpartum recovery. She has been incredibly accommodating and sharp as a tack (esp. when I wasn't yet back to full brain power). A friend asked me to describe her I said essentially she's: smart, strong, and calm. She has been a voice of reason when I would get nervous over typical new mom stuff (such as the car seat)! She makes suggestions so effortlessly that are always kind and on point. You will find she is great around doctors, nurses, bad cab drivers, crying babies and nervous moms. We recently arrived home from a busy day of traveling around to and from doctors appointments and I found her in my kitchen doing dishes. What a gem. Do yourself a favor hire Audrey and stop interviewing others, she's your doula."

- Ginann, postnatal client, Astoria 


"My husband and I were blessed to have Audrey there as our doula.  She was fantastic in every way! Giving birth is a very intense experience, and having Audrey there with her calm presence and gentle manner was so reassuring.  The most amazing aspect about having Audrey was that she has such a peaceful presence - that you hardly noticed she was there!  It was like having a wave of positive energy in the room, and this magical hand and soothing voice appeared just when you needed it.  In just the right dose!  I would highly recommend Audrey.  Her presence will only enhance the magic of bringing new life in to the world!"

- Miriam, birth client, Crown Heights


"Audrey came to us when we needed her most. I was healed physically but was still struggling with adjusting to motherhood. Audrey helped me to have some time to myself, along with helping with the baby's laundry and other household items I put on the back burner. Whenever I had a question or needed to talk through a frustration or concern, Audrey was there with kindness, knowledge, and expertise. Not only did she help me tremendously, but my daughter absolutely loved her, which was the most important of all. Our time with Audrey was the reason I feel so successful as a mom today."

- Kristen, postnatal client, Upper East Side


"I had to take my birth plan and throw it out the window and I truly believe if Audrey wasn't my doula I wouldn't have had a positive birth experience. After 24 hours of labor, I ended up needed an emergency c-section. My son was in fetal distress, and after they broke my water my midwives and everyone agreed that a c-section was needed and immediately.  After the birth we found out if we didn't have a c-section he would have been still born. Even though my plan was to have a natural birth Audrey knew when to switch gears, to best support me and my emotional needs, to ensure I had a healthy baby. 

Audrey came to my house and helped me labor at home until I was 6 1/2cm dilated. Audrey has a great knowledge of which positions will help the baby make progress into the birth canal, and different counter pressure techniques to help your labor pains seem less intense. She allowed my husband the opportunity to rest before going to the hospital while she helped me with contractions. 

I would recommend Audrey to anyone who is about to give birth. She has an amazing way to support a laboring women and her family to get through the crazy roller coaster of labor." 

- Melissa, birth client, Long Island City